Empowering Women to Reclaim Their Health

Delivering tangible results through evidence-based methods, wholesome nutrition, practical lifestyle guidance, and a straightforward, down-to-earth approach.

Get ready for a transformative journey to wellness with a  personalised naturopathic approach, designed to address your unique health needs and help you achieve your wellness goals. 

As your Naturopath, Sam is committed to getting to the bottom of your health concerns. Leaving no stone unturned to identify the root causes and provide you with effective treatment options. You can trust us to provide personalised care that meets your unique needs.

Services at Lotus Womens health

Initial Consultation

Begin your journey towards holistic health with a comprehensive initial naturopathic consultation  I focus on understanding you as a whole person, looking for the root cause, not just your symptoms.
During your first consultation, I will: 
  • Delve into your past and present health concerns to paint a complete picture of your well being.
  • Evaluate your current diet to identify any gaps or excesses that could be impacting your health.
  • Analyse your daily routines, stress levels, sleep patterns, and exercise habits.
Our main goal is to work together to set realistic and achievable health objectives that align with your lifestyle and personal aspirations. Once we have identified your health goals, we’ll develop a personalised treatment plan based on your needs. This plan may include dietary changes, herbal remedies, supplements, and lifestyle modifications to help you achieve your desired results.

Winter Wellness Immune Boosting Express Consult

Pressed for time but grappling with an urgent health issue?


This service is designed to address immediate health concerns such as managing a cold or flu, acute immune health issues, stress support for acute stress, acute gut support (e.g., a bout of gastro or food poisoning), or the need for a repeat of a practitioner-prescribed product or herbal blend.

Please be aware that acute consultations are unsuitable for addressing long-standing health issues that require comprehensive case-taking.

For such concerns, please book an Initial Consultation, as this is the best way to treat and get to the root causes of your chronic (long-term) conditions.

Hair Food Compatibility Program

The Hair Food Compatibility Program is a highly effective and convenient way to improve your health. It involves a non-invasive analysis that measures over 600 foods, drinks, supplements, and personal care products to identify which ones are incompatible with your body and may be causing your underlying health problems.


The program includes a 30-minute consultation to discuss your results and a seven-day meal plan tailored to your specific needs. A small sample of hair (about the size of a matchstick) is sufficient to perform the analysis.

Nourishing Whole Food Meal Plan

Are you tired of the endless dilemma of “what’s for dinner tonight”?   

Say goodbye to confusion and enjoy nutritious and delicious meals that promote well-being.

Whether you’re going gluten-free, cutting sugar, saying goodbye to dairy, or craving healthier habits, I’m here to help.

Your customised, evidence-based nutrition plan is meticulously designed to suit your unique needs. With a convenient weekly planner, mouthwatering recipes, and a helpful shopping list, this plan makes transitioning to healthier eating a breeze.

whole food meal plan